China Central Television Building (New CCTV building , new CCTV, China Central Television, the new large

Address: 32 Dong San Huan Zhong Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese Address: Beijing Chaoyang 32 Third Ring Road East
Architects: Rem Koolhaas (A Dutch by mastermind Known His Outlandish Ideas for successful and Seattle The public and Library
of Casa Musica DA in the Oporto, Portugal.) and Ole Scheeren and.
Structural Engineering: Arup UK-based Firm
the Height: 234 Meters (768. ft)
Cost: Around $ 750 Million

of The MOST Remarkable of China apos new new Architecture, China apos New Central Television Headquarters Twists The IDEA of A skyscraper
. quite literally INTO A 49-Story-Tall Gravity-Defying Loop of The new new CCTV Building IS Known by some about locals AS big Shorts (big
underpants, Chinese: big pants) or Knowledge window.. (ZhichuangZhi window) the What some have have Called at The world’s MOST

 CCTV Tower - Big Shorts  CCTV Building Rendering  CCTV Headquater Building with image of Liu Xiang 2008 New_CCTV_Building_and_Mandarin_Oriental_Hotel
 The_CCTV_tower_and_its_fire-damaged_sister_building_TVCC  CCTV_building_underconstruction  New_CCTV_Headquarters  CCTV Tower - Big Shorts

New CCTV Building and Mandarin Oriental Hotel