Beijing Zoo Clothing Wholesale Market – Dongwuyuan Fuzhuang Pifa Shichang – Beijing

If you ever wondered where the stallholders at the Silk, Yashow and Pearl
markets get their stock, then ponder no more. Beijing Zoo! No we are not
talking about Giant Pandas, we are talking about Beijing’s biggest clothing
wholesale market. The Zoo Market (Known to locals as Dongwuyuan, this
place is where the locals shop for their clothes) is a boxy, heaving place,
crammed to the rafters with dirt-cheap clothes, bags, shoes and coats. This
massive wholesale market group includes seven markets, located around
Beijing Zoo. And the most popular ones are Julong, Dong Ding, Tianlegong
and Shiji Tianle. If you’re looking for a new coat or jacket, RMB50 should do
it, a jumper or top? RMB20. The lack of foreigners means it’s a tough job to
get the prices as low as the locals, so it’s worth hovering around a stall until a
Chinese person comes along to get an idea of the real price-you’ll be
shocked at how low they are. Claustrophobics are best advised to steer clear Beijing Zoo Clothing Wholesale Market
of the Zoo Clothing Market, especially on weekends when stampedes are part
of the experience.

Julong Foreign Trade Market

Julong is an underground shopping center. It mainly sells clothes and many of Beijing’s little clothing stores come here to
purchase their stock. The average price of clothing here is between 20-60 RMB. Winter clothes and some designer shoes
are priced at 100 RMB and above. Usually, goods shouldn’t exceed 200 RMB.

Most of the clothes here are for foreign trade, hence are extremely fashionable and up to date on foreign trends. You can
also find unusual clothes here, but finding the true gems requires meticulous searching (through mountains and mountains of

Location:Opposite the Beijing Exhibition Center. The entrance is at the west side of the Ito Yokado Shopping Center beside
Address :Exhbition Sqaure, 135 Xizhimen Waidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing

Shiji Tianle

Overall, the clothes at Shiji Tianle are better quality and the shopping environment is more pleasant than at Julong. Because
of this, the prices of clothes are a little higher. Their slogan is “only foreign trade is fashionable.” Hence, the average price of
clothes here ranges from 40-100 RMB. Thicker winter clothes are more expensive and the fourth floor stocks some high
quality items whose price ranges vary, but on average the more expensive ones will most likely cost between 200-300 RMB.

Be warned though, this place can get extremely crowded so it’s best to avoid it on weekends.

Location:South side of the Main Zoo Bus Station. Cross the road to get there.
Address: 28 Xizhimen Waidajie Nanlu, Xicheng District, Beijing

Jinkailide Building
The clothes in Jinkailide Building are also quite cheap. However, it lags behind Julong and Shiji Tianle in fashion. There are
lots of little stalls inside, with lots of varying styles and choices. You can bargain here and average prices range from 30-100
RMB. There is an amusement and food floor within the building for when hunger and fatigue take over.

Location : Close to the main bus station at the zoo.
Address: 136 Jinkailide Building, Xizhimen Waidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing