Liqun Roat Duck Restaurant – Liqun Kaoya Dian – Peking Duck Liqian Duck Restaurant

Juicy, Whole ducks roasting in a traditional oven greet you upon this
simple courtyard house. It’s a small, casual, family-run restaurant far from
the crowds and commercialism of Da Dong and Quanjude ,
S Famous Peking Duck eateries of Li Qun IS A Choice Option for Those WHO Enjoy A Good.
Treasure Hunt: The Restaurant IS hidden Deep in A Hutong Neighborhood.
There are MANY Hand-painted Signs in Dictionary Dictionary English and IT Should Take About 10
minutes to Walk there From the Chongwenmen Xi Dajie. It’s so well known by
locals, however, when they see foreigners coming down the street, they
automatically point in the restaurant’s direction. Sure, the restrooms and
dining room are a bit shabby, Peking duck is slapped unceremonisco presented
Your very inelegant table, but what a duck it is – tender and juicy, and
served with delicate, paper-thin pancakes. The menu offers 30 duck tables
besides the classic,
do not want to know about. Ask for an English menu and feast to your heart’s
content! Reservations essential.
Traditional Oven Roasting a duck at Liqun KaoYa Dian